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Causes of Hemorrhoids

Click Here to Cure Bleeding HemorrhoidsWhile the exact causes of hemorrhoids remains unknown, studies have shown a number of different things that are related to the cause of hemorrhoids. Each of the main things thought to cause hemorrhoids are outlined below:

Excessive Straining
Excessive straining can cause an increase in pressure and blood flow in veins in the anal passage which swell up to become hemorrhoids. Excessive straining can come in a number of forms, the most relevant form is straining while going to the toilet. Women straining while giving birth is also a fairly common cause of hemorrhoids, as well as straining while lifting heavy wieghts. Bodybuilders are highly suceptible to hemorrhoids if the over extend themselves during a workout.     

Poor Diets
Another one of the main causes of hemorrhoids is related to a poor diet which is low in fiber. Fiber helps soften the stool, which makes it easier to pass when going to the toilet. People who have diets which are low in fiber often experience problems when trying to pass unnaturally hard stools through the anal canal. Hard stools can cause hemorrhoids by damaging skin tissue in the anal canal.

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Pregnancy is another of the common causes of hemorrhoids. The reason hemorrhoids are thought to occur in pregnant women is due to the increased pressure on veins in the lower half of the body. Blood vessels are more prone to swelling and inflamation during pregnancy due to increases in levels of progesterone which relaxes the blood vessels.

Constipation and Diarrhea
Two more common causes of hemorrhoids are constipation and diarrhea. Both of these illnesses changes to bowel movement patterns and place increased stress on the anal canal and surrounding local tissue. Usually only severe cases of constipation cause hemorrhoids.

Rigorous cleaning of the Anus
Another of the causes of hemorrhoids is poor technique when cleaning the anus after passing a stool. Wiping the anus too many times, or too firmly can damage the skin around the anus and in a worst case scenario cause hemorrhoids. If hemorrhoids already exist then extra caustion needs to be taken when wiping the anus because it will be highly sensitive and vunerable to incorrect cleaning techniques. For best care or the anus, wipe with a soft cloth, wet toilet paper is also much softer than dry toilet paper.

Sitting down for extended periods of time
Sitting down for long periods of time (especially on a toilet seat) is another of the common causes of hemorrhoids. While seated, the majority of your weight supported by your bottom. This increases pressure in the area which at times, especially in overweight people, can cause hemorrhoids.

Anal Sex
Anal sex can cause anal injuries which result in hemorrhoids. Anal sex should not be performed by anyone who suffers from hemorrhoids, and those who do perform anal sex should always ensure sufficient lubrication is used and take care to avoid tearing skin inside and around the anal canal.

These are the main causes of hemorrhoids. If you currently suffer from hemorrhoids immediate action should be taken to avoid the situation becoming worse than it already is. Hemorrhoids are most easily treated when found early on which is why we always recommend immediate action. Form more information on how to cure hemorrhoids, please visit the following page: How To Cure Hemorrhoids.

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