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Hemorrhoids Exercises

H MiracleExercise is a great way to prevent outbreaks of hemorrhoids. Regular exercise aids in the digestion offood, allowing it to pass through the body more quickly. Lack of exercise on the other hand can mean delays in passing the stool. The longer the delay in passing the stool, the drier it becomes. This makes it harder physically and much more difficult to pass. A hard stool can damage the skin in the anal canal and the opening of the anal canal which can cause hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids exercise is a very important factor in reducing the liklihood of hemorrhoids.

Diarrhea is another factor which can lead to hemorrhoids. Explosive stools can cause damage and irritation to the anal canal – also the increased cleaning of the anus which is necessary with diarrhea can cause irritation.

By walking for 20 minutes a day you can greatly reduce the chance of having a hemorrhoid.

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Women can help prevent hemorrhoids through exercising the PC muscles through Kegel exercises. These strengthen small muscles around the anal canal which improve circulation of blood to the area. Kegel exercises can be especially useful during pregnancy to help regulate the increased blood flow to the area around the vagina and the anus. Kegal exercises can be performed by tensing and releasing the muscles in the vagina while urinating. It is these muscles which control the flow of urine, so by stopping and starting urinating you can easily locate where these muscles are.

If you have already developed hemorrhoids, exercise may become more difficult and painful. In this case do what you can manage without causing yourself too much pain.

Another factor which can cause hemorrhoids is the lifting heavy weights. Bodybuilders are highly susceptible to hemorrhoids because of the increased pressure they place on their veins (located in and around the anal canal) when lifting heavy weights. One way to alleviate the pressure created when lifting heavy weights is to ensure you keep breathing while performing the exercise. Breathe out while lifting the weight and breathe in while lowering the weight. Furthermore, avoid placing excessive strain on the lower back, pelvis and rectal areas while exercising.

Exercising can increase irritation to hemorrhoids – especially external hemorrhoids. If this happens, a sitz bath can be a useful way to relieve this irritation. A basic sitz bath can be had by sitting in warm water for 15 minutes after exercise.

Obesity is another factor which increases the likelihood of having hemorrhoids. Increased weight places extra pressure on veins to pass blood throughout the body – especially the lower half of your body. Obesity often causes poor blood circulation and this can indirectly lead to a hemorrhoid. Obviously exercise is a great way to keep in shape, and make you less likely to have a hemorrhoid.

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