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Hemorrhoids in Old Age

Hemorrhoids can have an impact on the lives of people of all ages, the elderly included. Hemorrhoids in old age should be taken very seriously as if not treated properly and quickly they can lead to other more uncomfortable and debilitating illnesses.

Hemorrhoids in old age are caused by weakened skin not being able to withstand buildups in blood pressure. Excessive blood pressure in the veins that are in and around the rectum causes the veins to swell which finally results in a hemorrhoid.

Constipation is the single biggest factor that leads to hemorrhoid in old age. The elderly should take extra care to ensure that they maintain a diet that consists of plenty of fiber. This will create softer stools which place less pressure on the anal canal walls which weaken as people get older.
Constipation is not the only factor which can lead to hemorrhoids in old age. Poor diets, rigorous cleaning of the anus, and sitting down for long period of time can also lead to hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid symptoms in the elderly are the same as those seen in younger people. You should generally expect to see blood on the stools or in the toilet bowl, blood on toilet paper, pain in and around the rectum, and pain walking or sitting down.

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Simple things you can do to prevent hemorrhoids during old age include maintaining a high water intake – ideally 8 glasses or more of water per day. Keep active – walking for 20 minutes per day will help keep the metabolism working in good order. Frequent and regular bowel movements will reduce the likelihood of hemorrhoids. Avoid straining of any kind – lifting heavy weight or pushing yourself too hard during old age can take it’s toll on the body and result in hemorrhoids.

For the elderly that suffer from hemorrhoids, natural treatment plans have been found to work very well.

The best natural hemorrhoid cures available for the elderly are Venapro and H Miracle. Both work very well to not only reduce pain and suffering but also to quickly cure the problem.

One of the important benefits of H Miracle and Venapro (and this is even more important for the elderly) is that they both have no negative side effects. Harmful side effects such as burning sensations are commonly associated creams and ointments which are sometimes used to cure hemorrhoids.

H Miracle and Venapro also both work to strengthen the weaknesses in vein walls that lead to hemorrhoids in the first place. This is a major advantage because it means that the hemorrhoid cure will most likely be permanent.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids you should seriously consider one of these treatments, or at least consult your doctor for another alternative. Hemorrhoids very rarely cure themselves, most get worse over time so quick action is always the easiest way to cure them.

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