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Hemorrhoids Surgery

Hemorrhoids can be treated in a number of ways – one of which is via hemorrhoids surgery. Usually hemorrhoid surgery can be avoided by using other types of topical and natural treatments which we will discuss later in this article. In extremely severe cases however, surgery is necessay to fully remove the hemorrhoid and provide long lasting pain relief.

Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy stapled hemorrhoidopexy

This is also commonly know as the Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids (PPH). It involves inserting a hollow tube into the anal passage above the internal hemorrhoid. This method pushes the hemorrhoidal cushions back to their normal position and then uses a “stapling” method to cut off the inflamed hemorrhoid tissue as well as staple together the two edges of cut tissue.  

This form of hemorrhoids surgery is usually used only for more severe cases of hemorrhoids.

This procedure is less painful for the patient than other techniques and patients usually revcover more quickly after this procedure compared to others. This type of hemorrhoid surgery does carry a few risks however, damage can be done to the anal canal wall of the anal canal if too much tissue is removed. This procedure doesn’t always work with excessively large hemorrhoids.

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Doppler Ligation

This method of hemorrhoids surgery involves pin pointing the artery which links to the hemorrhoid. That particular artery can then be tied off – stopping blood flow to the hemorrhoid. This causes the hemorrhoid to shrink. In theory this is a great procedure which clinicaly targets the exact artery which is supplying bloody to the hemorrhoid, it is an expensive option however and doesn’t seem to offer many advatages over Rubber Band Ligation.


This is the most painful form of hemorrhoids surgery. It is for this reason that is is becoming more and more unpopular and is reserved for extremely severe cases of hemorrhoids. A hemorrhoidectomy involves cutting away the internal or external hemorrhoid and then stictching up the wound (sometimes the wound can be left open). As mentioned above – this is the most painful form of hemorrhoid surgery and after an operation strong pain relief drugs are usually required. Patients can usually expect to be out of any form of physical activity for up to 4 weeks, in some cases longer.  

Other complications such as difficulty urinating and controlling bowel movements affect between 10 – 15% of patients. We do not recommend this procedure unless your doctor feels there are no options left.

Questions for your Doctor/Surgeon

To help you make good decisions we have put together a list of questions that you can ask your doctor before deciding if surgery is right for you:

  • What type of procedures are available?
  • What is the recovery time for each procedure?
  • How many operations of each procedure have they performed? (they should be able to give you an exact number for this)
  • Why do they recommend one procedure over another?
  • How long will the operation last for?
  • Will a hospital stay be required – if so, for how long?
  • When will you be able to return to normal activity?
  • What are the potential side effects and will any be long lasting?
  • Will you be able to eat normal foods after the operation?
  • How much does each hemorrhoids surgery procedure cost?

Alternatives to Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoids surgery should be seen as a last resort. There are several non surgical hermorroid treatments available (one popular solution is H Miracle) which should be tried before deciding to be operated on. You may be surprised how well some of them work. We have performed numerous studies and reviewed many different treatments for all types hemorrhoids. Learn more about non-surgical hemorrhoid treatments here.

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