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Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Hemorrhoid SymptomsThe main hemorrhoids symptoms include bloody stools, itching in and around the anal opening, anal pain. In this article we will explain more about each of the main hemorrhoid symptoms as well as discuss your options if you think you have a hemorrhoid.

Hemorrhoids fall into two main groups, external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids. Let’s start by covering hemorrhoid symptoms for external hemorrhoids.

External Hemorrhoids Symptoms

External hemorrhoids occur outside of the anal canal, and for this reason it’s usually much easier to identify if you have an external hemorrhoid. External hemorrhoids look like a clump of skin at the opening to the anal canal. Developed external hemorrhoids are bright red in color while undeveloped less severe hemorrhoids are an intense blue color. External hemorrhoids can make sitting down, walking, and even lying down quite uncomfortable depending on the how developed the hemorrhoid is. External hemorrhoids range in size from smaller than your little finger nail to as large as a golf ball.

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Internal Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Like external hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids are usually quiet easily identifiable. The most common internal hemorrhoids symptoms include bright red blood coating the stool, blood appearing on toilet paper or in the toilet bowl, itching, mucus emissions, constant feelings of needing to pass a stool, and pain. Internal hemorrhoid sufferers frequently complain of itching which can vary widely depending on the extent of the hemorrhoid.

The itching caused by internal hemorrhoids is usually a result of skin being in contact with mucus which can “seep out” of the internal hemorrhoid. The feeling on needing to pass a stool is due to the hemorrhoid being located around senses in the anal canal which detect that something is there. In reality, often you may not need to go to the toilet at all but due the internal hemorrhoids position in the anal canal, it can feel similar to a small stool.

Pain is usually not a major problem with internal hemorrhoids unless they are very severe. In the early stages of hemorrhoids you probably wont experience much pain at all, its more likely that you’ll experience itching which can develop into excruciating pain.

What can be done to treat your hemorrhoid?

Once you have identified hemorrhoids symptoms, it’s extremely important that you act to treat is as quickly as possible. Untreated hemorrhoids can become so severe that serious hemorrhoid surgery is required.

The first thing you can start doing right now is increasing you daily fiber intake. Add more cereal, fruit, vegetables and pasta into your diet. What this will do is create softer stools which can by the hemorrhoid with minimal pain and aggravation. Next you should take action to actually cure your hemorrhoids.

Here you have a few basic options:

  1. Consult your doctor who will most likely suggest you apply a cream to the affected area twice daily. This can work well to reduce hemorrhoid swelling but is seen as a temporary approach. In many cases prescribed creams and ointments do very little to provide a long lasting cure to you hemorrhoids. Creams can also cause a burning sensation when applied, especially with internal hemorrhoids.
  2. Secondly you can consider surgery. Surgery ranges a lot in price depending on where you live and also on which type of operation you choose. As a guide, hemorrhoid surgery can cost anywhere upwards of US$1500. Hemorrhoid surgery can have very painful after-effects, in some cases patients are required to be inactive for up to 4 weeks.
  3. The third option you can try is a natural cure from the home. These actually work surprisingly well and are by far the most affordable option (starting at around US$35). H Miracle is one such site offering natural hemorrhoid treatment – they claim noticeable results within 48 hours, we have had feedback from sufferers reporting massive results in a little as a few days. We recommend using H Miracle before looking at any other treatment options.

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