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Piles Treatment

Piles TreatmentPiles is another name for hemorrhoids. Piles and Hemorrhoids are in fact exactly the same - inflamed veins in the rectum area. A number of reasons exist for the swelling of piles in the anal canal. Some of the most common reasons for the swelling and bleeding of piles include stress, pregnancy, sitting down for too long, lifting heavy weights, over exertion, cancer, smoking, and excessive alcohol use. Piles are almost always sensitive and painful and are sometimes the size of a grape or bigger.

Causes and Symptoms of Piles
The main cause of piles is constipation. Systematic disorders such as cirrhosis, prostate enlargement, severe coughing and pregnancy can also cause piles. Many people don't even realise that they have piles until they begin to suffer pain when going to the toilet or when they see bleeding on the stool. Unfortunately, by the time a sufferer notices they have piles, the piles are usually at a reasonable level of severity. Bleeding caused by piles is usually a dark red color.

Piles Treatment Options
There are normally two piles treatment options; one is self help or home remedies and then of course professional medical help. A combination of medical and behavioral treatments will make up your basic self help options. Some most common forms of self help are:

A couple of Piles treatment options exist, the first is hmoe remedies and the second is to seek professional medical help. Some common ways you can get self help for treating piles include:

- Eat plenty of foods that are high in fiber. Foods that are high in fiber include whole grain bread, brown rice, friots and vegetables.
- Ointments and creams can bring temporary pain relief but generally won't cure piles permanently.
- Applying ice or aloe vera to the wound can help reduce swelling and pain caused by piles.

Medical options for piles treatment include:
- Banding. An elastic band is put around the pile to cut the flow of blood to the pile.
- Sclerotherapy. Hardening agents are injected into the pile.
- Hemorrhoidectomy. A surgical procedure used to remove piles. This is a very serious procedure that should be used only in extreme cases.

You can avoid needing to go under the knife by employing effective natural piles treatment methods. One of the most popular and most successful methods to treat piles is called H Miracle. H Miracle is a natural piles treatment which addresses the root causes of piles. It is very effective in not only treating piles permanently but also in providing a form of fast pain relief.

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