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Rectal Hemorrhoids

Rectal hemorrhoids are simply defined as being hemorrhoids which occur in the rectal area, typically just inside or just outside the anal opening. Rectal hemorrhoids occur due to swelling or inflammation of varicose veins. This happens when blood pressure is increased to those veins and they can no longer support the flow. Straining too much during bowel movements is probably the most common cause of rectal hemorrhoids but other factors such as diet, pregnancy, age and anal sexual intercourse can also contribute to the problem.

rectal hemorrhoids
Rectal hemorrhoid come in the form of internal and external hemorrhoids

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As mentioned above, straining is one of the core causes of rectal hemorrhoids. Straining usually comes about through constipation which is often caused by a poor diet. Your diet should include foods which are high in fibers on a daily basis. Vegetables, fruits, and beans are all great sources of fiber. In saying this – you could in fact be in perfect health and still get a hemorrhoid. This happens often to pregnant women. Carrying a baby adds substantial pressure and weight to your lower body. As rectal hemorrhoids occur due to increased blood pressure to the veins around the anal area, pregnant women are more likely to get hemorrhoids than those who are not pregnant. Women can also get hemorrhoids due to straining while giving birth.

Aging bodies have weaker skin tissues which are more susceptible to damage. This does make older people more prone to hemorrhoids but in saying that – hemorrhoids are most common in the 45 – 65 age bracket.

Lastly, anal sex is thought to provoke rectal hemorrhoids in some instances. If you do practice anal sex, be sure to use plenty of lubrication.

If you have rectal hemorrhoids there are a couple of things you can do to help the healing process.

Firstly make sure that the rectal area is always clean. Ensure that you clean well with a soft cloth (damp toilet paper works well) after passing a stool. Even though you may have the urge to itch a rectal hemorrhoid – it will only provide temporary relief and will actually make the situation worse. When cleaning the rectal area with toilet paper, always ensure the toilet paper is not the scented type. Perfumes and fragrances contain chemicals that will irritate the rectal hemorrhoid in many cases.

When you wash the rectum in the shower (or bath) do it gently with a soft cloth. Avoid using soap to wash the affected area, this usually only increases irritation. When drying after washing, don’t rub the area, try to dry it by gently patting it instead.

Rectal hemorrhoids are best treated as soon as they are discovered. If left untreated they can develop into thrombosed hemorrhoids which are much more painful and severe. H Miracle

Treatment options include a range of creams and gels, surgery, or natural treatment. We advise natural treatment as this cures 90% of all types of hemorrhoids. A vast range of natural rectal hemorrhoid cures exist, knowing when to use the correct treatment method is critical for successful treatment of rectal hemorrhoids. Many different books exist with information about natural hemorrhoids cures, we recommend H Miracle, a best selling guide to curing rectal hemorrhoids. H Miracle is responsible for curing over 10,000 people who once suffered hemorrhoids. For more information about H Miracle please visit the website here: H Miracle

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