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Types of Hemorrhoids

types of hemorrhoidsThere are two main types of hemorrhoids: Internal Hemorrhoids and External hemorrhoids.

Internal Hemorrhoids

As the name suggests – these occur inside the anal canal. Internal hemorrhoids don’t usually cause as much pain as external hemorrhoids but that’s not to say they cannot be extremely uncomfortable. Internal hemorrhoids come about when there is too much pressure on the veins inside the anal canal.

A typical symptom of this type of hemorrhoid is the constant feeling of needing to go to the toilet. Internal hemorrhoids often bleed leaving blood residual on the stool, or you may notice blood on the toilet paper.  

If an internal hemorrhoid is forced out of the anus (due to overstraining) it is known as a prolapsed hemorrhoid. Prolapsed hemorrhoids look like a red lump of skin which has moved out of the anal opening.

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External Hemorrhoids

This type of hemorrhoid occurs outside of the anal canal. External hemorrhoids are usually very painful – you may feel a burning, itching or stabbing sensation. It’s very common for these type of hemorrhoids to bleed. Blood can often be found on the stool or toilet paper. External hemorrhoids can develop into thrombosed hemorrhoids. This happens when the vein develops a blood clot. Thrombosed hemorrhoids normally require surgical removal.

Another condition which is often confused as one of the 2 types of hemorrhoids is known as the “fissure” hemorrhoid (in actual fact it’s not a hemorrhoid). An anal fissure is when the skin around the anus tears to cause bleeding – this is often the direct result of a hemorrhoid. Anal fissure can cause significant pain, especially after passing the stool.

Child Hemorrhoids

Fortunately, this type of hemorrhoid is less common than those mentioned above. It is worth noting however as they do occur from time to time. They may occur due to constipation, coughing for long periods of time, or from crying for a long time. Symptoms of child hemorrhoids include blood on the stool and around the anal canal opening. If you notice any signs of hemorrhoids in children, or have any doubt at all – take them to a doctor as quickly as possible. To help prevent hemorrhoids becoming problem for your child – ensure they maintain plenty of fiber in their diet (drinking plenty of water is also important).

A few of the most common symptoms of hemorrhoids include:

  • Bright red blood on your toilet paper
  • Bright red blood in the stools
  • Itching and irritation of the anus
  • Pain to pass the stool
  • Pain to walk and sit down
  • Swelling or inflammation around the anal openingH Miracle

Hemorrhoid symptoms can vary from person to person – visit Hemorrhoid Symptoms for more information.

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